Umm excuse me… how is it already the end of November!? 

As the holidays approach with the speed of a Tesla P100D, we thought we’d share some MOA Cheer and offer up some of our favorite products and gift ideas for the adventurous, minimalist, nomadic, chic woman.

  1. Instant Pot

I use my Instant Pot 5 to 6 times per week.  While cupboard space in an RV is a high commodity, this magic tub of amazingness will always have shelf space in my house.  Things that would typically take 2 – 4 hours to cook (for example squash or a roast) take 10% of the time.  So handy and so tasty!

2. Sleeping Bag Onesie

As a constantly cold human, I love my sleeping bag onesie.  I use it at the campfire, on cold nights in or outside my regular sleeping bag, or on casual movie night on the couch.  This one has amazing booties that zip on too, so sexy!

3. Copper Wine Glasses

Stemless wine glasses are a must in our house or RV.  We have had so many wineglass fatalities in the past, we have finally learned from our mistakes. These copper glasses are gorgeous, are great for wine or Moscow Mules (a new favourite in our house).  Plus they are just SO pretty!

4. Mermaid Dry Shampoo

Ladies, if you are not using dry shampoo (especially on the road) get ready to change your life.  Obviously, showers can be few and far between depending on your RV/Van set up and sometimes I would prefer not to look like a greasy mountain woman.  Dry shampoo makes clean hair that typically lasts 1 – 2 days, last 3 – 4 (ok let’s get real, I’ve made it last 5 – 6 before… don’t judge). Plus it has Mermaid in the name, and Mermaids come out of the water looking like Pantene goddesses.  Ariel hair goals all the way. 

5. True Roots Cook Book

If I could be best friends with any celebrity, hands down it would be with Kristin Cavallari.  Life goals, hair goals, career goals, badass bitch goals. This cookbook is great as we deal with many food sensitivities and allergies and most of the recipes are simple to make and don’t necessarily need that much prep space while cooking in a small kitchen.  

6.Foam Roller

I would be a crippled old woman without my foam roller.  I roll out every morning.  Especially when you are driving long distances (or sitting at a desk all day), muscles can become tight and painful.  This one is great as it’s compact for easy storage. 

7. The Meme game!

What Do You Meme? sounds SO fun!  It is definitely on my Christmas list this year.  Mike and I are 9Gag fans and frequently quote ridiculous meme’s on the daily.  Super fun for a games night with friends.

8. Happy Light

I, as I know many people around the world do, suffer from depression.  Living in Alberta, Canada, our winters are harsh, cold and so very dark.  I would be lost without my therapy light.  It mimics the qualities of natural sunlight which can assist with depression, sleep disorders, and jet lag.  I usually turn mine on when I’m working at the computer for approx. 20 min a day. 

9.  Cozy Socks

Cozy socks and Christmas are synonymous to me.  These ones come in super fun patterns too, so cute. 

10. Velvet Comforter

Quality bedding is one of the most luxuriously necessary things, especially when you are living out of a tiny space.  I love to sleep and am typically in bed by 9PM every evening as I am a 90 year old woman. This one is for sure on my Christmas Wish List (in grey… hint hint Mike). 

Hope you enjoyed this holiday gift guide.  Mike will be doing one for HIM so stay tuned!

Now log off and get out there,