Black mold, handfuls of soil, a bug graveyard and a pile of condoms…

This is what we found in our newly purchased RV upon first inspection. Ummm… eww.

I mean what can you really expect when you purchase an almost 40 year old RV, sight unseen for a ridiculous deal?  When we first decided to take the plunge and purchase a Bigfoot 5th wheel, we knew we were going to have to put in a little elbow grease.  Maybe replace a few of the appliances, put in some nice flooring and paint the cupboard doors. 

Holy Christmas were we thinking optimistically. 

First of all, we purchased a 5th Wheel trailer from someone 4 hours away, without any way to actually hook up such 5th wheel.  Real smart guys.  We ended up using a fantastic gentleman from who was able to deliver it directly to our driveway. 

Biggie ready for a 4 hour trip to his new home!

Upon first entering our new castle, we continued our optimism.  “It’s not that bad, let’s give it a good scrub and see what we are working with”.  Soon our optimism and cleaning came to a quick halt.  After a bit closer of an inspection we knew ALL of it would need to be torn out. 

The Before

This turned out to be something really great.  After demo-ing and tearing out the entire interior, we realized how many leaks and holes there were and what poor construction this era of RV’s really were.  We were now able to patch, insulate and re-construct our frame and walls to ensure 4 season use and feeling confident that we wouldn’t get the black lung from all the mold in the walls. 

Starting to demo. The roof had to be held up in fear of the whole thing collapsing around us!
The state of our garage during demo.
Everything is out!

This also gave us the opportunity to create whatever floorplan we could imagine which really excited us!

It’s going to take a lot more time, energy and money to create, but we know in the end it will be something completely unique and exactly what we want out of an expedition vehicle. 

Follow along with our progress on our Instagram, we post daily updates, photos and videos of the build.  Hopefully no more rubber surprises though…


No log off and get out there,

Sarah + Mike