If you are anything like me and enjoy well crafted, well thought out functional products, you are going to love the gear that comes out of Factor 55’s machine shop!

These are American (very well) made products that have solid engineering and research behind them.

As you can see in the image below, all of their products start life out as a beefy hunk of solid billet aluminum, they then get machined down and worked into shape by their crew of talented machinists, next they are anodized which gives them their final colour & hardens the surface. To finish things off every unit is laser engraved! Its like a damn science fiction movie and Factor 55 are the mad scientists!

The anodizing process increases the surface hardness to be similar to that of the hardness of sapphire, the third hardest mineral behind Diamonds and Moissanite.

Not only do the Factor 55 products tidy up & grace the front end of the rig’s that they are installed on like an ornate hood ornaments from the 1930’s, they are function over form safety products designed to step up your safe winching game!

By switching from the conventional hook to one of Factor 55’s winching thimbles you are not only switching to a connection that is up to x5’s stronger then the conventional hook, but you are also going from an “open winch system” to a “closed loop system”.

Conventional hooks that most winch lines and cables come with these days are old tech, they are often too small to safely fit both ends of a recovery strap in, they add higher stresses to recovery strap’s fibers, resulting in decreased strap ratings & they will wear out straps connected to them quicker. The most inconvenient of all the cons to using a hooks is that they can come unhooked in a moment of line slack! Such a pain in the ass! Hook safety latches aren’t even rated for loads!!!!

The closed system winching set up provided by these thimbles are much more safe to you and those around you. Screw pin shackles are up to 5X stronger than conventional winch hooks, recover straps cannot slip out of a shackle, they cinch neatly against fairleads which helps to get rid of the rattling sounds, but even more importantly it allows you to suck in and get rid of the extra line sticking out in front of your rig which is otherwise exposed to road dust, dirt, moisture and UV light which all contributes to the reduced service life of exposed lines & cables.

Closed System Winching

It’s time that you stop wondering where else you can squeeze more LED spot lights & time to STEP UP YOUR WINCHING GAME SON!

Until next time, now get out there!